About Kate

Ten Critical Things You Should Know:

#1–I’m going to throw a lot of color at you. I adore color. I crave color. I often stop to stare at things and ponder their color. This aimless pondering often involves picking a tiny spot and trying to figure out what paint I would mix to create that exact shade of mountains-at-sunset-blue-purple. It also involves whomever I’m with getting frustrated with me because I wasn’t listening.

#2–I don’t listen very well.

#3–I’m gonna wax poetic about metal. Steel, aluminum, stainless, copper…my love for metal things is an equal-opportunity love. I am obsessed with rust and oxidized, beat up old metal. It shows up in my art. It shows up in my home decor. I think I may have rust in my blood. No for realsies, I should probably be tested.

#4–I’m unreasonably afraid of fire. So it makes perfect sense for me to spend my time welding and grinding metal and shooting sparks everywhere.

#5–‘I must have flowers, always, and always.’

#6–I’m extremely sarcastic. Don’t take anything I ever say seriously. Except this.

#7–I have a lot of pets. Just gonna put it out there. I’m that person. You’ll see.

#8–Cocktail hour is the most important meal of the day. Right?

#9–There is never a situation in which Alice in Wonderland quotes are inappropriate. Just trust me on this.

#10– I thrive on nonsense. Refer to #9.

That is all. Carry on.